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The spice of life: the fundamental role of diversity on the farm and on the plate


The world is witnessing major shifts in dietary patterns and a significant threat to agricultural biodiversity. The implications for human health and the resilience of our food systems are far reaching. As this paper shows, these two phenomena are interconnected. It calls for action to reverse these trends, in order to put diversity back in our farming systems and on our plates and to preserve it where it still exists. Drawing on literature review, action research, innovation and multi-stakeholder platforms in Indonesia, Uganda, Zambia and Bolivia, the paper explores how this situation has come about and suggests what can be done. Its aim is to inform policymakers, agriculturalists and civil society working on these issues.

Document author: Seth Cook
Institution: IIED and Hivos
IISBN/ISSN: 978-1-78431-589-4
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