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About enviroment and climate

The platform Environment and Climate is managed as a reference center for up-to-date information on agriculture, natural resources and climate change in the Americas, with the goal of facilitating access to information and supporting the development of the technical capacities of the site’s users. Registered users have the ability to add documents and news items, upload tools, share experiences and disseminate information about projects implemented in the Americas. This is a free service; to contribute information and receive updates from the site, the only requirement is to register.

Environment and Climate seeks to increase accessibility to the existing knowledge and information regarding natural resources and climate change in the agricultural sector in the Americas. The platform adds value by centralizing and organizing relevant and credible information generated by a diversity of sources. The types of information contained here vary from reference documents to news, events and links to other information systems. It has been organized by topics of interest to enhance access and enable users to navigate with ease. The natural resource and climate change team at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture manages and maintains the platform.

If you wish to obtain more information about the Environment and Climate, have ideas for new modules or information services, or suggestions for improving the site, please let us know!


Daniela Medina

Site administrator

Marcela Badilla

Administrative support