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December1202:00 PM

Webinar: Agricultural extension in transition worldwide: strategies to strengthen national extension and advisory services

Virtual Italy

As a part of FAO’s work in transforming National Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services System (EAS), FAO’s Research and Extension Unit wishes to start a webinar series to raise awareness on various challenges and opportunities related to strengthening and reforming EAS.

The objective of the webinar series is to raise awareness and promote ways of reforming and strengthening EAS. The theme or this first webinar is to highlight global and regional contexts and trends, as well as outline some fundamental principles to enable strengthening and transforming of EAS. It intends also to explain the main issues, challenges and opportunities for a design and implementation of an effective and country-specific EAS intervention.

The webinar will also include testimonials from the practitioners to bring concrete examples of EAS transition at country level, and illustrate the principles with the real-life experience from the ground. Lastly, it will also raise awareness about FAO work on EAS both at global ay country level.

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