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By: Thomas P. Tomich, Preetmoninder Lidder, Mariah Coley, Douglas Gollin, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Patrick Webb, Peter Carberry

This introduction to the special issue deploys a framework, inspired by realist synthesis and introduced in section 1, that aims to untangle the contexts, mechanisms, and outcomes associated with investments that link poverty reduction and rural prosperity within a broad agri-food systems perspec

By: J.W. Terrones-Monsalve, O.E. Ortíz-Oblitas

There is limited literature that describes adoption and which factors influence innovations to improve water management for potato-based systems in the Andean Region.

By: Meine van Noordwijk

Poverty has many faces and poverty reduction many pathways in different contexts. Lack of food and income interact with lack of access to water, energy, protection from floods, voice, rights and recognition.

By: Jenifer Ferreira Gonzaga, Olivier François Vilpoux, Matheus Wemerson Gomes Pereira

In recent decades, agriculture has responded to technology-related changes with strong productivity growth. Despite this evolution, the adoption of new technologies by small farmers has been a consistent challenge.

By: Conny JM Almekinders, Koen Beumer, Michael Hauser, Michael Misiko, Marcel Gatto, Agnes O Nkurumwa and Olaf Erenstein

Although the development of improved seeds has witnessed significant advances over the last decades, the adoption of improved seeds and varieties by smallholder farmers is variable.

By: Andy Hall, Jeroen Dijkman - CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) Secretariat and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

The study explores the way the sustainable development agenda reframes innovation concepts, practices and policies and the implications of this for the CGIAR and other public agricultural research organisations.