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An innovative project has just been launched at CIRAD to model cocoa agroforestry systems using artificial intelligence. This ambitious programme, called Deep2DPE, will explore three research fronts: the mathematics of modelling, artificial intelligence (neural networks and machine learning) and agronomy to optimise agroforestry systems by modelling them.

For grape growers it is a challenge to produce in greater quantity with quality and without residues. Due to climate change, the pressure of pests and weeds that are increasingly resistant and uncontrollable increases. Agriculture is looking to reinvent itself and is adopting new technologies to be more competitive.

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Sorghum showed its potential as a forage resource in a study made by INTA Manfredi.


Agriculture has everything to be the next great stage of the technological revolution.

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Last Tuesday, June 4, at the Costa Galana Hotel in the city of Mar del Plata (Argentina), took place the presentation of Howler, a biological product that activates the plant defense system with ISDV Technology.


Six bean crops released by Embrapa and some collaborators took small farmers in the municipality of Jequitibá, 100 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the possibility of producing scale and stability to comply with the national school-feeding program (PNAE) that distri