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The importance of winter cover for weed control was one of the topics discussed in the second module of the training in the winter grain production chain - Embrapa agreement and OCB System, held from April 23 to 25 at Embrapa Wheat in Passo Fundo, RS.


The distribution of weeds is not homogeneous in rice fields: it usually appears in the form of patches, which suggests that pesticide applications is inefficient, since the application of herbicides in this type of crop is done uniformly, to full coverage. This brings with it consequences related to increases in production costs and the possible deterioration of the environment.


In a major breakthrough, scientists from 21 research institutes globally, have successfully completed sequencing of 429 chickpea lines from 45 countries to identify genes for tolerance to drought and heat. The efforts equipped the team with key insights into the crop’s genetic diversity, domestication and agronomic traits.


The lack of skilled labor when harvesting fruit has become a recurring theme in the fruit and vegetable industry.


Nanotechnology reached the development of slow-release and controlled fertilizers. With this, the nano fertilizers become an alternative of sustainable agriculture to generate more production in the field.

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Apeel Sciences is in the final administrative stages of regulatory authorisation with the European Union (EU) to apply its plant-derived food waste prevention technology to a number of fruits, including avocados and citrus. Already available in the USA, the breakthrough product has the ability to reduce food waste for both consumers and retailers.