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Biostimulant created to protect seeds against fungi

Mexico Spanish

A team of scientists from the Potosino Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (Ipicyt) created a 100 percent potosine formulation that works as a seed biostimulant, that is, it is a substance that protects chili, sorghum, corn and sugar cane seeds against fungal attacks, while improving crop yields and protecting them against other pathogens.

Agricultural biostimulants increase the tolerance of plants against adverse effects of abiotic stress, helping to protect and improve soil health, encouraging the development of microorganisms beneficial to it. Healthy soil retains water more effectively and resists erosion better. “The IPI-Formula is a 100 percent product developed in the Ipicyt and its function is to improve seeds and crops. We have seen that the use of this formula increases the yields of the fruits and decreases the number of diseases, both root - and foliar - foliage, leaves, fruit. We have done experiments in the Valley of Villa de Arista, with the producers of chili, in collaboration with the Local Board of Plant Health, with very encouraging results in the two objectives: decrease of diseases and increase in the yield of the fruits of the plants ”, Reported Casas Flores.

“We have a control of normal chili seed and an improved one with the bio-inoculant, where it can be seen that the plants of the improved seed are larger and the fruit bigger and matured sooner. We plan in the short term to apply it to corn, sugarcane and sorghum crops. In fact, we are signing a collaboration agreement with the Secretary of Agricultural Development and Hydraulic Resources of the state to apply the IPI-Formula with Potosi's farmers ”, added the Doctor of Science.

Sergio Casas Flores announced that these types of products are called biostimulants for agriculture, making use of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or algae) or part of them that are beneficial for plants. “Another benefit of the IPI-Formula is that it reduces diseases of the root of the chili plant, known as a dryer, as well as leaf diseases. You can see how the damage decreases in plants in a greenhouse experiment. The IPI-Formula is a 100 percent product created in the Ipicyt, which we are looking to place in the farmers market to increase yields and decrease the use of agrochemicals, which are harmful to human health and the environment, ”adds the Researcher of the Ipicyt.