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INIA identifies variety of purple corn with high yield potential and higher anthocyanin content

Peru Spanish

As a result of scientific studies execute during three agricultural campaigns, the National Institute of Agricultural Innovation (INIA)  identified a variety of purple corn with high yield potential and higher content of anthocyanins, a pigment that gives it its characteristic color and antioxidant properties.

The objective of this research project was to develop a technological alternative that contributes to improve the production and commercialization of purple corn, the growing demand of the market, and to increase the income of the producers of the high Andean areas. For this, the participants in the National Maize Program of the INIA, led by the engineer Alicia Medina Hoyos, evaluated the yield and the concentration of the varieties in plots of 14 producers, between 2017 and 2019, located in different altitudinal levels.

"It has been determined that purple INIA 601 maize is superior to the others, due to it has yields of up to 5.2 tons per hectare, compared to 3.5 tons of the others. Futhermore, it contains 6.34% of anthocyanins in coronta and 3.03% in panca, "said the researcher responsible for the project.

The project executed by the INIA through the Baños del Inca Agricultural Experimental Station, with funds from the National Agrarian Innovation Program (PNIA), had the technical team of the Japanese Peruvian Project IEPARC and the AgroCondor company as allies. In addition, producers from seven villages of the Ichocán district (San Marcos province) and the Shicomumi Agricultural Producers Association collaborated.