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Investment in new Israelite seed improvement startup

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BASF Venture Capital became the main investor in a round of financing for the Israeli startup of AgTech, Equinom.

Equinom's computer enhancement technology provides seeds optimized for the food industry to help meet the growing demand for biological products used as ingredients, in organic packaging and in the cooking of healthier lifestyles.

Equinom's bioinformatics-based technology accelerates seed improvement, achieving new levels of efficiency. "We strategically cross the plants to obtain specific characteristics, often reintroducing important characteristics that have been inadvertently raised from common varieties, to produce crops with highly desirable traits," explains Gil Shalev, CEO of Equinom. And he adds: «Our proprietary computer algorithm and with Big Data support, meet the objectives of yield, quality and characteristics of crops in a way that no other seed improvement company has done before, which also reduces in years the time to launch the crops to the market ».

Source: BioEconomía
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