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Latin American Network on innovation agencies is created


LIMA] In order to unite efforts to strengthen and articulate policies and create a culture of innovation in the region, representatives of nine countries created in Lima the Latin American Network of Innovation Agencies (ReLAI).

The network is the first step in shaping the permanent foundations of a regional innovation system that effectively links the public sector with business and entrepreneurship, explained Vanderleia Radaelli, specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to SciDev.Net. the executing entity in the framework of the Regional Public Goods initiative.

"The ReLAI will contribute to improving the processes of planning, execution and evaluation of policies so that the region has more and more companies and innovative undertakings that propose economic and viable solutions to regional challenges," Radaelli said.

One of its objectives, embodied in the agreement that was signed on April 11 in the Peruvian capital, will be the exchange of knowledge, the search for good practices, lessons learned and international articulation with developed countries.

At the moment, they belong to ReLAI Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay, which presides over it. Argentina and Peru are the only two countries with double representation: the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion and the Córdoba Agency Innovate and Entrepreneurship, in the case of Argentina, and Innováte-Peru and the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation of Peru. In other cases, the representation is exercised by national agencies dedicated to promoting science, technology and innovation.

The launching of the network culminates an effort that began in July of 2017 in Brazil, continued in November of that year in Colombia and a year later in Buenos Aires, recalled the president of ReLAI, Jorge Moleri, director of the National Research Agency and Innovation (ANII) of Uruguay.