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When Canadian farmer Joe Dorgan noticed about 11 years ago that cattle in a paddock by the sea were more productive than his other cows, he didn’t just rediscover an Ancient Greek and Icelandic practice. While the Ancient Greeks didn’t have to contend with global warming, it turns out that this practice could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 21st-century livestock farming.

Después de 20 años, el banano de Ecuador entró nuevamente al mercado de Brasil tras superar restricciones fitosanitarias.

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Con apoyo del IICA, actores del sector público y de organizaciones de productores buscan impulsar este rubro y mejorar su competitividad compartiendo experiencias y buenas prácticas.

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Companies such as Unilever, Mars and PepsiCo are part of a new collaborative partnership aiming to develop free science-based decision tools that improve farm-level sustainability reporting metrics and data collection.

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Over 5,000 years ago, the cultivation of cacao, the crucial ingredient for chocolate, originated in Central America. The temperate climate and fertile soil proved most appropriate for the cacao trees, transforming this ancient product into a billion-dollar industry today.

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The heat-tolerant broccoli could help expand future growing possibilities significantly, helping to meet the demand for the nutritious vegetable. Total U.S. annual broccoli consumption (fresh and frozen) grew from about 1 pound per person in the 1960s to about 8 to 9 pounds per person today.

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