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February0512:00 AM

2nd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme

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The purpose of the second conference will be to further strengthen multi-stakeholder action, and to trigger increased political commitment for the creation of enabling policy environments, in order to address the urgent need to transition to sustainable food systems. In this context, the objectives of the conference are to:

  • Take stock of progress since the 1st Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Programme, taking into account its conclusions and identified areas for future work;

  • Identify new food system challenges;

  • Offer a dialogue platform to share experiences, exchange ideas, propose concrete initiatives, and highlight relevant tools, approaches and good practices;

  • Showcase concrete opportunities for responsible public and private investments in sustainable food systems, as a contribution towards the SDGs.

San José, Costa Rica
MAG CR, Swiss confederation, Hivos, the dti, WWF
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