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Alliances for a more sustainable production of forages


The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the Papalotla Group, a leading company worldwide in the production of improved seeds for hybrid pastures, signed the agreement "Sustainable intensification for environmental benefit". This agreement is made within the framework of a long collaboration between Papalotla and CIAT, whose joint work has allowed the wide diffusion of hybrid pastures developed by CIAT such as Cobra, Camel, Cayman, Mulato and Mulato II, marketed by Papalotla. This agreement allows the Papalotla Group to produce and commercialize the new hybrids developed by CIAT in three lines: Brachiaria hybrids of the current line, hybrids of B. humidicola and Panicum hybrids.

Therefore, this agreement focuses on streamlining the links between CIAT's Forrajes Tropicales breeding program and the end user, to guarantee the delivery, adoption of the products and finally, the impact of the program. The Forages breeding program is characterized by being the only one to successfully handle a complex biological system (tetraploid apomictic hybrids) to potentiate multiple desirable characteristics in livestock pastures, such as resistance to drought, flooding and pests, higher productivity and nutritional quality , among others.