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November0708:00 AM

1st World Congress on Agritourism

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For the first time Eurac Research is promoting an international congress dedicated exclusively to the topic of agritourism. The aim of the initiative is to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future perspectives of this kind of rural tourism worldwide; to establish an agreed-upon definition of agritourism; to build a networking platform for scientists and practitioners; and finally, to promote agritourism unambiguously as a specific type of rural tourism.

The congress focusses on agritourism which is carried out on a functioning working-farm. The agricultural activities are predominant over the touristic ones and take place in a predominantly unaltered agricultural environment. Agritourism is characterised by human interaction which means a familiar and/or direct contact between the hosting household and its members and the guest.

During the congress scientists, practitioners, associations, businesses and other stakeholders involved in the ambit will discuss agritourism´s challenges, opportunities and limitations with the aim to leverage and safeguard an effective development of this sector. The combination of international expertise and the existing treasure trove of experiences in agritourism that is available on the hosting territory offers an important added value to this World Congress.

Bolzano, Italy
EURAC - Institute for Regional Development
Tags: agritourism
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