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July1109:00 AM

How blockchain technology is driving global climate action in Latin America


Pia Zevallos. 
Creation and Development Manager, Libélula Perú.

Carlos Ruiz. Coordinator, Regional Collaboration Center Panama (UNFCCC-CAF Development Bank of Latin America).
Blockchain and carbon pricing. Andrés Schuschny. Director of Studies, Projects and Information, Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE).
Bitlumens promoting financial inclusion and facilitating access to renewable energy through the use of sensors and blockchain technology. Veronica Garcia. Founder, BITLUMENS.
SolarCoin: how to encourage the generation of solar electricity globally. Daniel Fernández and Francois Sonnet. Founders, The SolarCoin Foundation.
About the webinar
The Paris climate agreement codified the pressure on countries to reduce their emissions and companies are increasingly under the same focus of attention from investors, shareholders, employees and customers to reduce their carbon footprint, demonstrating that their business models are aligned with the low carbon provision. In addition, many consumers in Latin America want to buy greener products and invest in sustainable projects. But until now, despite enormous advances in technology, monitoring and reducing our impact on the planet has been difficult.
Blockchain is the name of a digital book in which transactions (often made with "tokens" or a cryptocurrency) are recorded chronologically and publicly. This technology can help finance, develop, monitor, report and verify climate actions. For example, blockchain technology can be applied to carbon credits to create a "carbon currency", because they are based on data, depend on multiple approval steps and exist separately to the physical impacts with which they correlate.
This webinar will present an overview of Blockchain including cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts, as tools to finance, develop, monitor, report and verify climate change projects. The webinar will be held inSpanish. For more information about the webinar, click here. If you have any questions about this event, please contact the LEDS LAC Platform Secretariat:

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