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By: S.Fritz, L.See, JC.Laso Bayas, F.Waldner, D.Jacques, I.Becker-Reshef, A.Whitcraft, B.Baruth, R.Bonifacio, J.Crutchfield, F.Rembold, O.Rojas, A.Schucknecht, M.Van der Velde, J.Verdin, B.Wu, N.Yan, L.You, S.Gilliams, S.Mücher, R.Tetrault, I.Moorthy, I.McCal

Global and regional scale agricultural monitoring systems aim to provide up-to-date information regarding food production to different actors and decision makers in support of global and national food security.

By: Meryl Richards, Aslihan Arslan, Romina Cavatassi and Todd Rosenstock - IFAD Research Series

International discussions on climate change increasingly recognize the importance of agriculture in adaptation and mitigation efforts. Adaptation has been generally prioritized in the most vulnerable countries, where a failure to adapt can constitute a threat to food security.


Digital technology has enormous potential to improve food security in Feed the Future countries and around the world. The purpose of this toolkit is to demonstrate the importance of digital tools in agriculture.

By: Conny JM Almekinders, Koen Beumer, Michael Hauser, Michael Misiko, Marcel Gatto, Agnes O Nkurumwa and Olaf Erenstein

Although the development of improved seeds has witnessed significant advances over the last decades, the adoption of improved seeds and varieties by smallholder farmers is variable.

By: Andy Hall, Jeroen Dijkman - CGIAR Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC) Secretariat and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

The study explores the way the sustainable development agenda reframes innovation concepts, practices and policies and the implications of this for the CGIAR and other public agricultural research organisations.