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Achieving Quantum Leap in Food Safety in Nigeria by Leveraging Enabling Digital Technologies

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Nigeria is expected to be the third most populous country in the world by the end of the century, according to the UN. Over 50 million urban Nigerian dwellers demand more information about food, reflecting the need for more transparency. Globally, over 420,000 people die and some 600 million people – almost one in ten – fall ill after eating contaminated food. In fact, foodborne hazards are known to cause over 200 acute and chronic diseases from digestive tract infections to cancer (FAO Report). With the inability of food regulating bodies, such as National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), to regulate farm practices, most food consumers at restaurants and cafeterias also cast doubt on how food is grown and prepared.  Farmers, food producers, co-operatives and food supply chain players are currently by far the best way to improve food efficiency in Nigeria which could help the supply chain retain a bigger share of their product value while creating trust within the value chain. Widespread collaboration and contributions of all actors across the food supply chain, underpinned by robust governance and agreeing to international standards and harmonized regulations, are essential to food safety. 

HarvestPlus is partnering with The Fork to conduct initial research on the feasibility and desirability of applying blockchain technology to a biofortification value chain in Nigeria — in this case, for vitamin A-biofortified orange maize in Nigeria. The Fork is a Netherlands-based consulting group that specializes in blockchain training and implementation in the agrifood sector.

With the deployment of blockchain technology, El-kanis and Partners, with technical support from The Fork, aim to record information about food produce and transact incorruptible truth for agri-food supply chains that originate in Nigeria. farmTRUST Blockchain technology is a complete framework of integrated services for delivering a level playing field to agri-food supply chain networks in Nigeria which will eliminate up to 40 percent of food loss in Nigeria and provide traceable food supply to the populace. farmTRUST Blockchain technology records and transacts incorruptible truth using blockchain technology. It is a complete framework of integrated services for delivering a level playing field for agri-food supply chain. This solid framework of trust will allow everyone to know they are working, buying, selling, and sharing things according to a cryptographic “Book of Truth” that is utterly incorruptible. Platforms like this will support food safety and strengthen the choice for local versus imported food.