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By: Dhaliwal DS, Williams MM II

Globally, gains in sweet corn [Zea mays L.var. rugosa (or saccharata)] are a fraction of the yield advances made in field corn (Zea mays L.) in the last half-century.

By: Nikola M. Trendov, Samuel Varas, and Meng Zeng

Firstly, a significant challenge in understanding digital agricultural transformation is a lack of systematic, official data on the topic. Much of the data – for example on levels of e-literacy – are only available at the country level with no distinction for urban and rural areas.

By: Robert B. Zougmoré, Samuel T. Partey, Edmond Totin, Mathieu Ouédraogo, Philip Thornton, Naaminong Karbo, Bougouna Sogoba, Bounama Dieye & Bruce M. Campbell

Connecting science with policy has always been challenging for both scientists and policymakers.

By: S. Hartman, Z. Liu, H. Veen, J. Vicente, E. Reinen, S. Martopawiro, H. Zhang, N. Dongen, F. Bosman, G. W. Bassel, E. J.W. Visser, J. Bailey-Serres, F. L. Theodoulou, K. H. Hebelstrup, D. J. Gibbs, M. J. Holdsworth, R. Sasidharan & L. A.C.J. Voesenek

Timely perception of adverse environmental changes is critical for survival. Dynamic changes in gases are important cues for plants to sense environmental perturbations, such as submergence.

By: Diego Armando Marín-Salazar , Robert Santiago Andrade-López , Ricardo Antonio Labarta-Chaverri , Ángela Rocío Vásquez-Urriago , Samuel Caicedo Guerrero

Introduction. The Colombian Altillanura is going through a process of transformation, marked by the expansion of its agricultural border.

By: Zhong Wei, Yian Gu1, Ville-Petri Friman, George A. Kowalchuk, Yangchun Xu, Qirong Shen, Alexandre Jousset

Plant-pathogen interactions are shaped by multiple environmental factors, making it difficult to predict disease dynamics even in relatively simple agricultural monocultures.